Disclosure Policy

While all of the patterns on Hooking Along are free, I do make money from this site. This includes receiving money from placing ads on my site. Please do not post my patterns on other sites. as this takes ad revenue out of my pocket.  A blog is also in the works, and it will occasionally include sponsored posts. Depending upon advertiser preference, each sponsored post may or may not have a statement letting you know the post is sponsored.

A Swagbucks widget has been added. It allows me to make referrals to swagbucks.com, a site I've begun using recently. My compensation in this regard is "swagbucks," which are traded in for merchandise.

That said, Hooking Along exists because I enjoy having my own little home on the web, and because I love designing and love to share my patterns.  The compensation I receive from this site helps me out due to current economic times (I'm sure a lot of you can identify with that). It also gives me an excuse to expand my yarn stash to create more free patterns. ;)

Created 11/10/10
Modified 1/21/11