Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Color Fusion Throw

Lion Brand Jiffy, 7 balls (3.5 oz) each:
CA (Shocking Pink)
CB (Apple Green)
CC (Aqua)

Q (15.0 mm) hook
P (11.5 mm) hook

Approx. 63 x 48 inches, excluding fringe.

Notes: Entire afghan is worked holding two strands together. In this particular pattern, I used only one chain at the end of each row to avoid having gaps where the fringe was going to go.

With Q hook and CA and CB held together, ch 86.

1. Hdc in 3rd ch from hook and each ch across (84 hdc). Ch 1, turn.

2. Hdc in each ch across. Cut CA, join CC (84 hdc). Ch 1, turn.

3, 4. With CC and CB held tog, hdc in each st across. At end of row 4, cut CB, join CA. Ch 1, turn (84 hdc).

5, 6. With CA and CC held together, hdc in each st across, ch 1, turn. At end of row six, cut CC, join CB. Ch 1, turn.

Continue working in established pattern (hdc in each across, ch 1, turn) in following color scheme:
(2 rows CA and CB
2 rows CC and CB
2 rows CA and CC.)

Repeat  ( ) until piece measures approximately 48 inches from beg, FO.
Matching colors, use P hook to add fringe to ends of rows.

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Carol Badurek said...

This pattern is great for our prayer shawl minstry in making throws for men and blankets for CPS.Thank You and God Bless!

Carol B.
Wesley UMC Prayer Shawl Minstry1