Monday, October 30, 2006

Ladies' Checkered Earwarmer

2 colors Caron Simply Soft
F (3.75 mm) hook

CA: Color A (white)
CB: Color B (blue)
Bl: Back loop

Note: you should be comfortable changing colors to work this pattern. If you're not, see this link. Work over unused color.

With CA, ch 16.

1. Sc in each ch across (15 sc).

2. Sc in bl of each sc across (15 sc).

3. Repeat row 2 until piece measures 5 1/2 inches from beginning.

4. Working in both loops, sc in first 3 sc. Join CB and work 3 sc. Now, alternate between colors every 3 sc, ending with 3 CA.

5, 6. Work alternating 3 CA, 3 CB, beginning and ending with CA.

7 - 9. Work alternating 3 CB, 3 CA, beginning and ending with CB.

10-12. Work alternating 3 CA, 3 cB, beginning and ending with CA.

Repeat rows 7-12 until piece measures approx 12 1/2 inches from beginning. FO CB.

11. Working in bl only, sc in each sc across.

12. Repeat row 11 until piece measures approximately 18 inches from beginning. Do NOT finish off.

13. (Joining row) Sc ends together. FO.

For added warmth and a softer earwarmer, gently brush the wrong side of with a stiff-bristled hairbrush. It makes yarn feel heavenly!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Country Terrace Scarf: Crochet

2 Skeins Simply Soft Brites-Blue MintMaterials:
Size G (4.25 mm) hook

Note: I ran out of yarn when I was coming up with this pattern, and didn't want to increase my already outrageous stash with another skein. That's why the section on the left is so much shorter than the others. You'll have more than enough yarn with the 2 skeins of Simply Soft.

Ch. 23

1. Dc in 3rd ch from hook and each ch across (21 dc).

2. Ch 4 (counts as first dc and ch-1, now and throughout), skip 1st dc, *dc in next dc, ch 1, skip next dc. Repeat from * across, ending with a dc in last dc. (10 ch-1 spaces, 11 dc)

3. Ch 3 (counts as first dc, now and throughout), dc in first ch-1 space and each dc and ch-1 space across. (21 dc)

4. Ch 1, turn. Sc in first sc. *Ch 2, skip next st, sc in next st. Repeat from *across, ending with a sc in last dc. (10 ch-2 spaces, 11 sc).

5. Ch 1, turn. Sc into first ch-2 space. *Ch 2, sc in next ch-2 space. Repeat from * across, ending with a sc in last sc. (10 ch-2 spaces, 11 sc).

6. Repeat row 5 until peice measures approximately 12 inches from the beginning.

7. Ch 3, dc in next ch-2 sp and each dc across. (21 dc).

8. Repeat row 2.

9. Repeat row 7.

10. Repeat rows 2 through 9 four times more, ending on row nine.

Note number two: each section consists of rows 1 through 6. Each one should measure approximately 12 inches. While this isn't vital, it will help ensure that all of your sections are even.